diploma || certificate == "I am somehow warranted to write shit and get away with it"

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    Ya is crazy how many companies put stock in certs and diploma's it is really stupid.
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    diploma || certificate || degree == "i am very smart and successful"

    ... ;)
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    @SukMikeHok usually it's rather s/smart/entitled/
    I don't value degrees all that much, given how much my "teachers" in all the schools I went to failed me. If you value your expensive piece of toilet paper, more power to you. I don't, and do not intend to get it either. I don't want to have to lick the heels of incompetent bastards who would (and did) stab me in the back to see how much I'd bleed (unfortunately for them, not at all) just to get a piece of paper. I understand the idea behind certifications, but certifications need to be awarded by a reputable certificate authority (CA). Most schools aren't anywhere near that status. Even if they legally are, reputationally or intellectually they certainly aren't. Many teachers are nothing but incompetent fucking bastards.
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    I've actually found a way around this. I take online free courses on edX.org, I do purchase the certs to complete the courses, but so far it is getting me past most HR degree requirements. Not all, but most interviewers have agreed with me, the courses I take from Harvard, Tuft, and others are much better than any State Run American Degree.
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    @hash-table that's actually quite a valuable insight.. so I can actually learn online to bypass those local physical 'schools'! That's really interesting. Thanks for mentioning this! :D
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    @Condor @hash-table why bros the society and the government clearly said degree is very very important and the only way to succeed in this life just like all of our parents said, it's not true? it was a lie ? why do u believe it was a lie bros ? u think u are smarter than all of the millions of sheep that go to college ? ur smarter than them ? hm?
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    @SukMikeHok That's pretty much the reason why I don't trust the government... No, in this field a degree isn't (and shouldn't be) mandatory. Experience should be. Ideally, these should both be the same thing - a degree should be a proof of merit - but in technology this isn't the case in practice. Way too often do incompetent fucks get through the mazes, and way too often do people who feel like there's a problem with degrees in tech get left out. Because "a degree does irrevocably make you successful". Ask anyone who's been rejected on grounds of being "overqualified" about that. To name one of them, I've read that @JKyll experienced this first-hand. This recruitment policy isn't right, and should be changed. Fortunately, it is being changed in favour of merit rather than pieces of paper already. But we aren't there yet. Underpayment, overqualification rejections, and wankery around degrees are still a thing, but fortunately the industry is slowly but steadily catching up and realizing the issues with this.
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    In America a degree is extremely expense. I simply won't go into that much debt to get a degree that I already have surpassed with experience. So doing free online courses gives me the educational experience that generally these companies are looking for.
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    @Condor @hash-table but bros degrees is very very important. very important. haven't ur partners taught u any manners ? u won't be successful until u get that paper ! paper determines if ur successful lol everyone knows tht . and if u dont got no paper then what are u ? unsuccessful? Yes ! u can not possibly be a successful person without a paper ! because if u dont earn money without a paper , and u earn ur paper then it is guaranteed 100% ur gonna start earning money then ! very simple logic.
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    @SukMikeHok not sure if serious or sarcastic at this point 🤔
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    @Condor why do u think i am joking ? is a degree just a big fat joke to you ?! just so the government can keep people in line? No ! degree is more valuable than knowledge . if u dont got a degree it must mean u dont got no knowledge so u can not possibly earn money . get the degree instead ! thats how it means u got knowledge
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    Be glad iets only Luke thuis with software Engineers and nog with bridge building Engineers.

    Oops auto correct on the wrong language is fucking it up once again.

    Be glad its like this only with software engineers and not with bridge building engineers.
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    @hash-table this, and it makes learning 10x more enjoyable and comfy.

    @Condor true, but in my case I didn't even need a degree to be overqualified, right now my CV and putting one of my front end repos public landed me a freelancing consultancy for an US based startup, the pay is low/average pay for an engineer there but in my country as an undergrad I'll be getting what an engineer would his first 3 years.

    Also why I've been inactive recently, too much stuff to do and getting ready for deploy, I miss ranting.
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    @MrJimmy 225k + usd for a paper that says "I know how to do that", hmm might have value if millions of those weren't printed day by day. Supply and demand.
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    @MrJimmy most countries do
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    In the company I worked for a few years ago we had two "renowned" professors (in quotes because I'm reporting what I was told).

    They had trouble with the most basic things, and they had no clue how to design something usable. I could give many examples, but I'll limit myself to two:

    1. They didn't know about indexes in a database.

    2. They proposed an O(2^n) solution for something that was supposed to scale to millions of records. And one of them got really offended when I showed them that the program took 20 minutes to run with just 6 records.

    Academic degrees are less useful than toilet paper (the latter is softer)
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