https://ultimatehackingkeyboard.com/... just seen this, looks pretty cool. Anyone used one?

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    Hard to be excited about a keyboard. And this one is no exception. Sorry, though the idea of negative tilting could be interesting to try out at a standing desk
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    How can you not get get a little excited about something that pushes the archaic design a little, there is always the keyboardio that looks interesting to. I mean you spend fuck knows how many hours sat at the thing to make a living. You only have 1 set of hands you should look after them like your back. I can’t use normal keyboards for long before I get pains around my bottom 2 knuckles on my right hand. A split tented keyboard helps with this a lot but it’s getting old and starting to become obvious what letters are in my password.
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    Looked awesome until I saw the price.
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    Looks like broken by a half keyboard
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    I like the look and i like how you can use this with a mouse attached. But my 12 button mouse is already programmable. And this doesnt have a numpad.
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    My current keyboard doesn’t have a num pad, you won’t miss it unless you have to enter lots of numbers all day. I thought I would and have a usb numpad but never really used it. I was more worried about the lack of arrow keys 🤣
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    Now I want to test one of this !
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