Fruit Machines... Kind of a dev rant, I mean, they have software running them now, but my gripe is the hardware (I think).

Any of you that frequent pubs and use fruit machines notice that many of the LEDs are "broken" / "non functioning" lately? I mean it's rare I see one that doesn't have lights that are out, rendering the entire machine useless, yet it still takes your money.

Intentionally made to break? Or are LEDs really that difficult to get right? Or maybe it's software determining which ones to appear "broken" and there is a way reset it?

It's a rant none the less...

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    The MacBook Pro models made since 2016 don't light up the apple logo
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    @bahua yet people still pour their money into it?
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    As with so many things, they are conditioned by advertising not to know any better.
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    @bahua... but the flashy lights!! (or not)
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    Those machines have a huge number of led and are on all the time and get hit by drunk people and angry people, a small failure rate is normal, the problem is when the operator doesn't replace them, but it's hard to tell sometimes which led has failed
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    @seraphimsystems hang on, are we talking about the same things? Have you ever used a Fruit machine? Noone hits an Led, in fact I've never seen anyone hit a fruit machine.
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    @fullyerectcolon yeah your talking about the gambling machines and I spent a decade working in bars etc, trust me people hit em,
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