So with Christmas coming up my family asked me to make a list of the things I want, all of it adding up to a maximum of €25. Me being me I really don't know what I want other than that I would like something educational and programming related also something to learn machine learning would be nice

All help would be appreciated

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    A new book?
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    @olback yeah something like that, any recommendations?
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    @CrippleVineMan sadly no. I never read any books.
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    a(nother) raspberry pi - u can never have too many...
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    SSD drive ?

    NAS unit ?

    USB thumb drive for offsite backups ?

    An UPS backup ?

    Another monitor ? (Portrait is nice, touch screen useful a little.)

    A years subscription to a newsgroup service provider ?

    A mobile phone with a physical qwerty keyboard ?

    An old glow in the dark LED calculator so you can use it in the dark..
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    A CREE LED torch with rechargeable batteries so you can fix your computer in the dark.

    A small set of multi-bit screwdrivers for when you need to take your computer to bits to fix it.

    A left-handed mouse so you don't get RSI just in your right hand.

    A second-hand office swivel chair to sit on more comfortably.
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    @Nanos your ideas are amazing! Thanks mate 😊
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    My wishlist says that I want a new STM32 Dev board 🤷‍♂️ good choice I guess
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