Google! What the fuck are you doing with your design?!

Just updated my chromebook and what the fuck is this ui!

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    Material design?
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    A nice UI. 😐
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    @davenall I did and I love material deisgn but the new Chrome OS update is just so bloody chunky and overly big
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    @lxmcf it's easy to scale own the size of the dock.
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    If It had a dark theme it would be perfect.
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    I love metro/modern/fluent design... Ah google version is called material
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    I like the Material Design 2.0
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    @dontbeevil are you seriously saying the design language from MS is about the same as the one of google???

    I feel either sorry for you having to work with the worst design ever or I'm jealous for you only seeing decent designs.

    Google is consistent with its design language but the definition is grab everything throw it against a whiteboard see what sticks and that's how it should be implemented. Don't forget to make everything round.

    MS updates its design language every year but at least everything is aligned nicely.

    Google hurts me (OCD) and MS is a pleasure for me.
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    @Codex404 mmm I'm a bit confused, i don't understand your point
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    To be honest, that looks way better than some of the other things google have been redesigning lately, have you seen what they have done to google keep?
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    @dontbeevil my point is that metro/fluent don't look anything like material..

    Where one is a clusterfuck of unaligned items which even an intern could make better. The other one is organized, one can decide themselves if its pretty or not, but it is organized.

    In your comment you said "google version" which basically means you think they are the same.
    In which case I either feel sorry for you for seeing so many clusterfucks or I'm happy for you for not seeing any clusterfuck at all.
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    @Codex404 so basically for example this is outlook.com and gmail



    this is mail for windows and gmail for android


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    You really don't see differences?
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    @Codex404 of course, I find the ms one much cleaner... And i don't see the clusterfuck unaligned part, that i see in gmail for example
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    @dontbeevil ah, yes that's what my point was.
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    And then you have people with gtk and qt themes! Making everything like they want!!

    This crappy comment was made by r/unixporn gang
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    @dontbeevil gmail changed theme, from what I saw

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    Windows 3.1 in high color.
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    @-vim- you're right, they really improved after many and many years... But i still prefer outlook.com

    I'd love to ask to someone that never used outlook.com and gmail, to use and compare them for the first time
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    @dontbeevil I use both. Indeed, web outlook looks more clean, especially with beta theme.
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    Ya. That's what I was thinking.
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