I've spent the past few months working on creating a decentralized application network built for developers. Here's a link to a quick blog post I made explaining the idea. I'd love to get some of you on board! https://dev.to/alexdovzhanyn/...

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    A few random thoughts:
    - enforcing anonimity is good, but the trusted setup of zkSnarks is bad. A system like that should be trustless, not trusted.
    - how the hell are you gonna handle versioning of programs? I can't quite see from that post how you intend to tie together the (decentralized) execution of programs with the PoW chain: are you including each program in a block?
    - what makes you "less like Ethereum, and more like AWS"?
    - why do you think running programs in a public, decentralized network is a good idea, rather than running them on a server? Smart contracts are one thing, but why whould anyone run an arbitrary, generic, program on a decentralized network? What's the advantage?
    - how will you handle blockchain bloat? Say I upload and run my program: it does its thing, and then finishes execution. How do you get rid of it afterwards? Is it gonna stay there forever? And what if I later upload 1, 10, 100 revisions to its code? Are they all gonna stay there forever?
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    Oh, almost forgot: if you're actually trying to compete with AWS - what's gonna make your product better/cheaper/more effective/more convenient than AWS?
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