I'm attacking all the guys who run arch and think they are heroes. Just a load of noobs following online guides who want a cookie for their cv or water cooler street cred. Just fo.

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    I use arch!
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    When linux mint stopped to ship plasma.

    I made google search:
    KDE wiki > supported distros (alphabetically sorted) > Arch.
    Ok let's try arch.
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    Now you have give them an excuse to come in and explain to us WHY Arch is the best.
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    Truth be told, I would like to get a cookie.
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    I mean, I went from mint/centos to Ubuntu, tried fedora and had to choose between rawhide and arch, liked arch's docs and philosophy better.

    Also it's a smaller install than most when you don't include a DE. (i3 when necessary, otherwise tmux ftw).

    Https://Readtfm.org when in doubt
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    Talking specifically about arch users or also Linux users in general?
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    At this point arch rants are getting even more annoying then actual arch users :)
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