We've worked 5 months to decompose a complex and huge monolith into microservices, deployed in prod with zero defects. And finally moving to AWS, one by one.
How can i explain this work to bunch of 5 year olds? i.e. i've to present this to top level management with no tech knowledge.

I'm thinking of: Lets say a family of 6 people want to travel for 30 holidays to another country. A monolith can be equivalent to having everyone's luggage in huge bag, microservices can be packing luggage in sizable chunks acceptable by airlines.

I'm bad at explaining, can someone help with better example?

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    Instead of all ice cream mixed in one bowl you can now chose what taste you like to put in it.
    Moreover you can modify every taste as you want by adding sugar but you don’t have to find that taste in this big bowl of shit.
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    @vane and if there is more demand for a certain flavour it's easier to add a new or bigger bowl of that flavour
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    before you had to invest $5000 to fix or change something. now you can do it with $50.
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    What @cephei said. Definitely tie it to money. That’s a language they understand quite well.
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    Don’t say anything about money, people stop thinking when you give them numbers. Only people who like numbers are accountants.

    I would try with cars.

    Hey we now have this amazing car with great gas tank so when we refuel on amazon gas station we don’t have to worry about anything like oil level or if we put gasoline into diesel.

    Put some funny story about people who put petrol into diesel.

    In fact amazon would provide us fuel all the time so we don’t have to look on our fuel levels now. The car would drive mostly on itself without hitting those trees all the time like before and did I mention the gears are now automatic.

    If we put a little more effort into it we can start thinking about some professional competition and nobody would laugh.
    So let’s forget about those armature competitions with our old big pumpkin.

    Put some joke about pumpkin heads.

    I can talk about it all day long but I praise your time gentleman’s.
    So let me do my job.
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    @vane he's talking to top level management. I'd argue that money is most definitely relevant. Agree to disagree.
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    @duckWit so tell me how much you paid for toilet paper this month ?
    Talking about how much money would something take is always shit talk that nobody cares, unless it’s your accountant, he knows those numbers.
    Yeah they care if it’s less or more when they got no money in their pockets but it’s still shit talk.

    It’s like how much would you spent for gasoline next month, there is no exact number you can point to. You can only predict.

    He can tell about money that was spent (same as accountant) but can’t predict money that would be spent risking his trustworthy.
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    @Codex404 yeah accessibility talk os good.
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    @vane as a business owner myself (not an accountant) I disagree. I don't have any more to say about it.
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    Thank you so much all you beautiful programmers, we did it well 😊
    We've discussed internally before proceeding, and decided to cut down story part because we got reliable info that some of them can understand tech, and yes they all did.
    We've shown how easy it is to maintain microservices compared to monolith, everyone is super happy with project savings numbers($$), special thanks to @cephei and @duckWit for pointing important outcome.
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