No work is going to be tolerable if you don't enjoy it. If you got into programming or IT or any industry simply for the money you can earn doing it, you're in for a BAD TIME.

I love computers, linux, programming, configuration, automation, and problem solving. So I love what I do. I am currently three weeks into 13 weeks of parental leave, and I have been having dreams about work at night.

The best piece of advice I can offer to someone who has trouble getting motivated is: make sure to like it first.

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    In general totally with you, but man If you dream about work within the first weeks of your parental leave it was more than urgendly to make a break. Enjoy your time with your family and relax...you will need the energy afterwards. I'm still looking back to my parental leave as it was a fucking awesome time.
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    You got 13 weeks of leave?

    Say no more fam. I already had enough reasons for it, but now I know for sure....my ass is moving to Colorado.
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    I love what i do but i hate my job. Gonna knock some girl up to get that parental leave i guess
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    I am enjoying the time, but there is very little relaxing about it, and I'm totally fine with that. I had a dream. It doesn't mean I need to be back at work. It just means that I miss it. I miss anything that I love if I'm away from it for three weeks. I would miss my wife and son and daughter a lot sooner than that.
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    I was late in pursuing it professionally because I thought I didn't like it enough. I'm such an idiot. It's the first area I've legitimately enjoyed working in.

    Of course there are periods where I hate it, but if I didn't care about it in the way I do I would simply quit instead of getting frustrated and stubborn like I do now.

    To me it's not so much about finding reasons or methods to enjoy it, just simply realizing that when it's kicking my ass I wouldn't care nearly as much if it was a different line of work.
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    Me reading this post, looking at my infant and thinking.

    "I wish I knew there were places where they give 13 weeks off, I got only 3 days for you"

    @bahua 13 weeks are good enough for a mini project. Use your time wisely.
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    @OldN00b 13 weeks are good to be there for your kids! Do not waste the time for other projects.
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    Can totally relate. I dreamt of the privilege of raising a child years before I thought I stood any chance of getting married.

    We’re almost through the first year now and my experience with it is mom’s and infants have a biological need to ( almost exclusively ) spend the first year together.

    It’s been lovely to “be there for my wife” so that she can “be there for” our daughter, but I was very unprepared for my “spectator” role. Yes I realise I don’t have breasts ( 😜 ), but they don’t drink 24/7 either.

    Nothing wrong with missing your work - I would have had a really rough time if I couldn’t dream about or play around with some code this past year. Can definitely hear your heart is in the right place.
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    Congratulations on the new bambino,and you are most definitely correct it really isn’t all about the money. Every cent is hard earned!
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    I like my job! I’ve been lucky... I’ve enjoyed most of the jobs I wound up in over the last decade. My favorite part is when you reach total frustration solving a problem that you begin questioning your life decisions and banging your face off the wall without a solution. It is when you reach that point that you come up with pretty epic ideas and the feeling is so NINJA.

    I get adrenaline e rush just thinking about it.

    None of this is sarcasm, I promise.
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