Just discovered that termux uses the volume down button as control... Mother fucker termux just became so much more useful!!!

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    This is genuinely the most useful thing I have read today.
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    @halfflat I legit have so many options now when it comes to development, I use nano as a CLI editor and can now use it on my phone, it's brilliant!
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    Termux ist very nice
    Also you can use VOL-UP and wasd as arrow Keys (especially the up-key for the recent commands)
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    @realLifeMock how have I not known this?!
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    In the old times people used to read manuals before using the tools ;)
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    Try volume up + q
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    Quite a useful feature, kinda sucks that it locks volume control with it though.. I find Termux to be most useful with a physical keyboard. Mapping control to vol- and Fn to vol+, nice design choices.. but they're not really for me to be honest :/

    Anyway, glad you found them!! :D
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