For the next 2 months, I'm forced to migrate documentation from one site to another, correcting the formating if needed.

What did i do to deserve this?

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    What about automating this task so you are actually done in 2 weeks and then just check the formatting for all pages? And next 6 weeks work for your private projects. Win win
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    @Kekica I've never done automation, and I don't have admin rights, so it'll be a bit difficult.
    For the moment i'll try to create some kind of function to automate the table formatting (which i found out is the most laborious one in these documents)
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    @Paulinsky What language, if I may?
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    You must have done something outrageously cruel in a previous life. No doubt!
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    @Jilano Let's say the new site is a Confluence.
    I'm automating the formating using vanilla JS; I'm used to it, but it's still a pain in the ass.
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