I started saying 'yes' to every opportunity in life. Long story short, I have 3 websites, 2 logos, a couple of leaflets and 2 non-profit websites due yesterday. Whiskey with cereal never tasted better at 8 AM!

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    Well, that's the best way to die at the ripe old age of 30.

    There is a difference between saying "yes" to every opportunity and just accepting to be used like a tool.

    Seriously, take care of your health.
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    Time to pull a Blizzard and change the delivery date to fuck knows
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    @Paramite adding to bucket list
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    @Paramite Dude, that's the old method! You could also inject alcohol directly into your eyes or even just use N(2)O. Those "younglings" know how to party!

    Disclaimer: Don't do that.

    Source: First link I found on it (https://dailymail.co.uk/news/...)
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    First thing that came to mind is: “you dumb cunt” and i dont even like using the word cunt.
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