Try pair programming! I've never had an official pair programming session, but I'll be damned if my best code and quickest solutions didn't come from having a bitch session with my coworker. Just having to talk it out or having that second set of eyes can work wonders. Plus you have a built-in de-stressing outlet to help you sleep at night.

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    This is important and might not make it fun for everyone, but you will learn a lot from it.
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    Tried and hated it. Talk distracts from thinking and reliably prevents zoning in.
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    @Fast-Nop yeah I really have to be in the right mood. If I'm in the zone, pair programming sucks. If I'm not, it can help.
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    I’ve never been able to talk to anyone in person about programming besides when I was in college. I’m a lone dev :’(

    Really sucks sometimes when I’m trying to debug issues and I don’t have a person to help debug with.
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