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Any english geeks?

What is the difference between a few and the few ??
I can't find a difference but my stupid school english teacher is telling there is a diffenence

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    I could "feel" the difference but had to look it up!

    Here's the best explanation that I found:

    "a few" means "some" while "the few" means "all of those"


    - "I got a few complex questions" --> Some questions that I have are complex

    - "The few questions that I have are complex" --> All of the questions that I have are complex"

    Source: https://englishgrammar.org/a-few-an...

    Hope this will help a little!
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    @Jilano me too xD
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    Not a native speaker, but, isn't that the difference between determined and undetermined objects?

    Meaning "a XXX" denotes one sample of XXX, without specifications, whereas "the XXX I mentioned before" determines amongst the other XXX the ones that I mentioned before!
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    @Jilano @EV-EV i think i get it

    @7Raiden seems like it as well
    I am not native too btw
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    @7Raiden Pretty much, but the concept might be a bit harder to grasp because of the nature of "few" (different in other countries/languages)

    @CozyPlanes Glad to hear that!
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    @Jilano That explanation is almost verbatim included in the image
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    @AlgoRythm Pretty much, yes. I just wanted to use both on a similar sentence to help him understand.
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    "a few" means any few,

    "the few" means these really specific few
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