I came to class today because an exam was on the schedule. Instructor starts lecturing and I realize that I stopped going to this class because of how slow the lectures were and figured I'd learn it myself in half the time.

Exam was delayed just like I had originally thought, but I forgot and only came with what I needed to take the exam. Now I am stuck here for the next hour without anything to do, just my phone :/

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    Walk out of the class?
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    @Stuxnet I hate doing that, it would be easier in a larger room but this class only has like 20 students
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    @tokumei If you never show up, what's there to care about? A few people you rarely see staring at you? The professor saying something?

    I got bored the other day and the lecture was dry, so I just packed my shit up and walked out. Professor said something about me getting up and I said I had scheduled a meeting during the end of the class because it was the only time most convenient for both parties involved.

    But I mean, at the end of the day, not too many people will give a fuck, so why should you?
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    @Stuxnet I can see OPs point. I had teachers of whom I can't say it was beneath them to take points off exams from students who they felt disrespected them. It shouldn't be a thing, but it sadly is
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    @CoffeeNcode Well that's when you take it to the department chair and complain.
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    @Stuxnet fair enough. It's a tricky fight to win though
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    @Stuxnet some universities don't give a shit, in mine teachers can do whatever the F they want because the union protects them...cough...sorry, "protects their rights"
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