Just wanna admit something (which I don't do often)....

Am I the only one who makes almost every day at least 5 typo's? It drives me crazy 😭 Sometimes I just think.. WHY?! WHY DO I ALWAYS MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE?!

But yeahh.. That's off my heart now.. Thanks 😁

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    5 typos per day? That's really good xD

    A colleague makes 5 a minute.
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    regularly. One of my main reasons for becoming a supporter was that I can correct typos longer 😁
    Apart from the obvious fact that DevRant just rocks!
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    There are typo checker build into IDEs. Very useful. Also there are browser plugins. Otherwise I would write the whole day some unidentifiable crap xD
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    @Kanimaru Are there also typo checkers for typos like: data / date? Or: Reference / refrence?
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    Grammar police here. You just made one (typo's => typos). 4 more and you reach your daily quota!
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    @tokumei wait... Wouldn't it be typoes, officer? Because like... Potatoes or tomatoes or something? 🤔🐧
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    5 a day?! I salute you!
    I'm learning touch typing at 37 so, you know the rest...
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    @ilPinguino not that I'm aware of, but that is also a common musconception.
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    @tokumei misconception right? 😉
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    I do this a lot with terminal commands, after a while I just make aliases out of them 😅
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