We should buy an island, build futuristic building/homes/everything, and then combine our coding power to create a bunch of crazy awesome stuff

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    If you buy the island, I'll write you some code ;)
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    Find the funding for it and that would be a good idea
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    Ask Elon musk for it
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    A private island exclusive to technologists where we can just build and hack away on infrastructure with the only limit being our own creativity! Count me in! :D
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    Libertarian laws
    No sales people
    New tech
    Only intelligent people

    Sounds absolutely amazing
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    FX [ Remembers FreeNationFoundation.. ]

    Sticking point always seems to be lack of funds to get things started..

    Then you have to worry about Tsunami's and you might end up like Atlantis..

    I'm only slightly there, I at least live in house on a small island, but there is a lack of other people to work with here..
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    @Nanos You have a personal island?! O.O
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    @Condor No I live on an island owned by many other people, I just live in a house on that island.

    It's a step in the right direction.

    It's a slightly magical place, no unemployment, no real crime, good climate.

    Some downsides, such as government regulations saying you can't do this or that..

    A few less regulations than average here, and a few more. (So you don't need a driving license, but you can't plant trees..)
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    @Nanos why can't you plant trees? Are they scared that the roots destabilize the soil?
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    @ilPinguino It's a political thing, it is to stop farmers from bettering themselves, as at the moment they are forced to grow but one thing.

    It helps to keep them in poverty, so they can never rise up and change the government..

    On the plus side, property is cheap here, which is better than living in a cardboard box !

    Just they restrict you economically to not grow much..

    Probably suitable as a stepping stone to improve one's life in a better environment than most get to enjoy, and then to move on to another place with more freedoms for the next stage.
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    @Nanos what is the name of your country/island? 😊
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    @vlxdxmxr Classified. :-)
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    Like vertically align divs?
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    We should build an island.
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    The problem with building islands is, someone tends to come along and take it off you.

    As such, you might want to be ready for that kind of situation early on. :-)

    This was all covered in depth on the PirateBay forum some years ago.. (Which you'd think would have been archived !)

    They did raise some $20,000 for the project, so where is the money now guys !

    Can we still have our island..

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    > The Pirate Bay plans to buy island
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