Love how people are complaining that fallout 76 had an issue where an uncapped framerate speeds up the game because it is 'incompetent' or 'neglectful' yet they will happily use windows 10 that is in the news for having 40 year old bugs...

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    those bugs had kids... and they had kids
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    The F76 bugs likely directly affect them. And I'm willing to bet the the Win10 bug doesn't directly affect them, therefore, it's not a problem.
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    @Stuxnet "works on my machine, therefore it's an issue with your setup"
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    @Condor BIngo lmao
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    Only reason why I switched to Unix based operating systems. Trying OsX now. Couldn't stand running into issues non stop.
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    Doesn't matter still sucks they did it this way.
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    “I love how people complain about some problem while not complaining about others.”
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