+++ Just like StackOverflow, GitHub now shows possibly related issues to the one you are creating +++

(Still in Beta)

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    Written by @Skayo
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    But but ms sucks, burn it with fire, switch to gitlab
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    No matter what Microsoft does for the platform, always be against it...
    That's the spirit.
    Must be tough for you to see how your little GitLab lacks such useful features...

    I'm not pro-Microsoft (they indeed suck), I'm just pro-GitHub and I think Microsoft is a great addition to it. Just think of the budget they now have! And as you can see, great features are coming along the way! Not to mention the new GitHub Actions feature!
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    @Skayo I was sarcastic of course, I anticipated some comments :)
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    Alright. Sorry.
    It's hard to distinguish between sarcasm and not sarcasm today between all the Haters...
    Will leave the comment tho
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    @Skayo usually I put a /s or :) but I thought this time was quite easy to understand ... I was wrong :D
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