My gf said some of Japanese companies specifically ask developers to code for IE6 and IE6 only. 🕺

Glad that I don't have to work for them.

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    Well, they do have some very creative enhanced interrogation techniques. None of that medieval CIA crap 😉
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    Keep up with IE6, it's the future.

    Can't wait until dial-up and disco makes a come back.

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    They still have lots of businesses with some low-end devices that can only support IE6. Like cashier counters, store devices, etc. To use modern browser means to abandon the hardwares and buy new ones. Obviously, they don't wanna spend on that. 😁

    @ilPinguino @Otakurist
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    @cursee and I thought German authorizes were slow (I've seen police stations use win XP in 2013).
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    I develop for dairy farmers and some of them still run ie6 on the computers that control the milk machines.

    It's a pain in my ass most of the time.
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    Well, Japan also hires cheerleaders for programmers, sooo...
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