It's here finally. Rx 580

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    Looks good!
    Benchmark it, now!
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    @Jilano yeah I'll post it in some time. Took some efforts to get it into the cabinet. My old graphics was an HD7770 which is a small one.
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    According to the unspoken law of the fanboys I must comense sh**ting on AMD/ATi graphics cards because I have a nvidia GTX 7XX-something card in my desktop PC, which, by tradition, I now must prove to be superior in every way despite being nearly obsolete and outdated.

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    @theKarlisK not biased towards AMD or Nvidia. But check this comparison.
    I did my research before purchasing.
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    @A4Abhiraj Oh, don't worry, I was just making a joke. Use whatever you can afford and like. It's tricky when it comes to PC parts because what might be an amazing deal in one place, may be a horrible choice or not even available elsewhere.

    Personally tho, I've had some bad experience with a AMDGPU-PRO driver series card on my laptop while running Linux distros (Some weird Radeon HD Pro model). Oh, that reminds me... @cyclic3 I managed to get my card working - a hybrid between propietary and open source drivers on Manjaro (tried Antergos, which I liked, but my laptop didn't) ... I got the all-free (open source) drivers auto-installed and various OpenGL, OpenCI and Vulkan propietary AMDGPU-PRO modules (installed from AUR) loaded adittionally. Yeah, it's a mouthful, but I got the discrete GPU acceleration and my displays and DM's aren't crapping out.
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    @theKarlisK yeah I remember struggling with AMD and Linux at some point. But with updates, these issues got fixed for most of it.
    Never had to work with any open source drivers though. Like you said, whatever works for you ;)
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    I have this card too, works perfect with open source amdgpu driver under Linux, but I think it was not the best time to upgrade, because amd will introduce new 7nm gpu at CES 2019 (JAN 8-12)🙆🏻‍♂️
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    @git-fuckyou Yes this I agree. But it's a flagship and I had budget to consider.
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    @A4Abhiraj Yes, but usually the prices drop when a new card gets announced or released
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    @git-fuckyou uh, yeah, didn't account for that! But I got it from US to India. Skipped customs :P
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    I really wish that AMD would release a card that can compete with Nvidia's flagships. Right now there's no competition and Nvidia is getting away with really high pricings. Even the 2 years old 1080Ti hasn't been matched by AMD yet. (to my knowledge)
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    @vlatkozelka Yep, this Rx 580 comes close to 1060 ti. There's a 12nm 590 that I just read about today which beats 1060 marginally.
    Their instinct MI60 looks good to me.
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