What's the funniest combination of commands/keywords/variables you've seen?

I'm a big fan of "man touch" 😂
Also, a colleague named an instance of System.Threading.SemaphoreSlim to Fatboy (Fatboy Slim, get it? 😏)

Let's hear it!

edit: tounge twisters are also welcome

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    This old JS workaround is a bit amusing as well:
    var that = this
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    I guess I've been amused by this AspectJ class name the most :)


    And overall I like reading AspectJ code. It's been definitelly written by someone having a sense of humor :)
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    I once had a #defined thing called "real" that I could define as "float" or "double" and so change the precision of my raytracing engine in one step.

    Writing virtual functions got weird though, because I'd sometimes have stuff like

    class SomeClass {
    virtual real DoSomething();

    "virtual real"
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    Does exceptions count?
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    @ihatecomputers well I made some exceptions using songs. The example I remember currently is "hello error my old friend, I come to fail you once again. Because the DB not connecting, and the timeout just not ending. And the query you just ran,wont return. Xxxx " (I dont remember what was in Xxxx). It was about sql server connection problems
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    @hubiruchi Creative 😀 I once included this link in a permission exception https://youtu.be/7qnd-hdmgfk
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    @netikras I took a gander and particularly enjoyed the return function (especially the invisible question mark):

    public boolean wellHasItThen/*?*/() {
    return ohYesItHas;
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    In a company that use the Hungarian naming convention, I once had to declare a local variable of type object and name it table row. It came out as l_o_tr, and I found it pretty funny
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    long timeago; // in a galaxy far far away

    saw this somewhere

    man kill
    man finger
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