Teaching my homeschooled son about prime numbers, which of course means we need to also teach prime number determination in Python (his coding language of choice), when leads to a discussion of processing power, and a newly rented cloud server over at digital ocean, and a search of prime number search optimizations, questioning if python is the right language, more performance optimizations, crap, the metrics I added are slowing this down, so feature flags to toggle off the metrics, crap, I actually have a real job I need to get back to. Oooh, I'm up to prime numbers in two millions, and , oh, I really should run that ssh session in screen so it keeps running if I close my laptop. I could make this a service and let it run in the background. I bet there's a library for this. He's only 9. We've already talked about encryption and the need to find large prime numbers.

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    That escalated quickly! 🤣🤣🤣
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    Cool. Maybe your son ends up like this one guy at my school who replaced 5 workers with a program without even knowing that this would happen.
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    @filthyranter that's when "robots will steal our jobs!" whining starts 🤣
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    @notlikethis it’s a blessing and a curse sometimes ! I’m so glad he’s excited to learn everything including math, programming, piano, art , and so much more. It’s one of the reasons we had to homeschool him because the public schools couldn’t keep up with him.
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    So very deserving of a favorite 😊
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