When I say I want to work for EA, this is what I mean.

You get paid to watch and analyze athletes. Fucking awesome job.

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    Bet that they pay him only 1% cut from microtransactions
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    @mishaor And? You're paid what you're worth and he's not worth a fuck ton of money.
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    @Stuxnet the pun was about microtransactions
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    @mishaor I got that.

    And microtransactions aren't a sin if you're implying that 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
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    The real anwser is, as always:
    "It fucking depends." - Me

    Visual stuff? Ok most dont care

    Faster unlocks for those who have busy jobs and little time (resonable prices)? Ok thats fair they want all people to have fun

    A expensive season pass for expensive AAA game with bullshit OP items and highest tier boost cards
    only for $$$?
    Yep that is bullshit cause you can liteary destroy everybodys fun and forces people to buy shit to stay competive
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