Those people are the real hackers. They exploit basic human instincts.

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    you mean men instinct? because half of the population will not be trapped 😉
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    It’s like codebabes.com
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    @gintko the funny thing is that their SSL certificate has been expired for 8 days now - looks totally professional.
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    What the fuck
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    LockPickingLawyer is far more appealing to me.

    Every time the thumbnail contains boobies, the video is utter crap.
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    @electrineer Funny thing is it got into my feed because of the LockPicingLawyer
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    Let's face it, nobody is actually watching those videos to learn anything new.
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    Thumb nail side boob ya click bait
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    better question is why is this in your recommended and not mine? xD
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    Ya know that video isnt the real content here? The things on thumbnail are.
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    Naomi SexyCyborg Wu. What part of her is cyborg, just wondering.
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    I feel real conflicted about such vids. It's like ok I heart boobies but at the same time such videos are usually not thr in-depth, content-filled kind of videos.

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    @trollonaboat @electrineer I went through the video. She breaks half a lock, not even a full one (she removed 3 of 5 pins from the mechanism) and talks about people she likes learning from, including the lock picking lawyer
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    @Mitiko why did you do that
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    @electrineer I had to know what's in the video
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    @Mitiko no you didn't
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    Gonna watch.. for educational purposes 😏
    Also, this kind of reminds me of that "cooking naked" stuff from a few years ago.. this girl looks way hotter tho :v

    /edit: https://youtu.be/Y5VcsnA-mSw?t=137 "I'm not actually that good with my hands"
    > That's what she said :v
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    She is actually a talented redteamer from what I've heard- "SexyCyborg" is her reddit handle hence the nickname. BTW I think she does mention she's still new to physec so no shame in being a crap lockpick lol. She has done some cool shit though, I remember she embedded a WiFi Pineapple Nano in one of her shoes one time as a PoC.
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    🤤 Asian side boob. Woah..
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