I always feel awkward asking for large quantities of $1s from the bank. I'm addicted to the snack machine, not strippers!

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    Do the drink machines at your college support NFC pay? Most of the ones on mine do.

    But I still carry a small bag of quarters for when I buy a drink since they're $1.25 lol
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    Don’t worry, we don’t judge. 🙃
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    I want big butt with NFC chip. I want Apple Pay that shit mmmm
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    Maybe cheaper to rent your own snack machine. :-)

    After all, whoever checks if that vending machine at the end of the corridor has been management approved..
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    Tuna and crackers: cheap, healthy, so much tastier.

    Same with fruit salad, broccoli salad, raisins, ...
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    @Root Sorry, did you just say broccoli salad...? Tastier than potato chips?

    I'm not sure there are many people that share that opinion
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    @AlgoRythm yes. 😊
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    Most here just use GPay
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    Make it clear to the staff. Look them straight in the eye and tell them slowly and and clearly that those $1 notes are not meant for strippers. Don't avert gaze. Assert dominance. I'm sure things will work out fine.
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    @AlgoRythm i guess it depends on the salad. My wife does this awesome broccoli salad that's so fuckin much better than chips... :)
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    The snack machine in my school has a pretty cool "feature" which allows me the get everything and as much as I want for free.

    Thank you very much who ever wrote the firmware for it.
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