Is this, or is this not *DEV*Rant?

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    @davenall I don't have a problem with the odd random story/rant. It was just a matter of there being FIVE in a ROW that were completely unrelated that made me feel like I was on Reddit instead.
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    To be fair, the one that @irene posted had the correct tags and actually was dev related if you saw the video that she posted.
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    @csizemore @davenall Rants are about dev life not just programming.
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    Is this the ios app or something?
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    I had this categorization problem while creating @devNews...
    How do you categorize dev-related news?
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    @Skayo oh lol.
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    That's exactly why I left DevRant for quite a long time and only visit it barely now... Feels like Facebook or equivalent shit
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    These rants are completely appropriate. Not sure what you’re getting at. Work related stuff is absolutely acceptable for rants, and two posts in the image you posted are typed as random...
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    If people don't want rants from devs then they should go to dev.to Awesome site by the way. 😀
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