I am a home owner. Bought an apartment. Yay! 🎊🎉👌👍✊

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    "homeowner" contains the word "meow". Kittens for the win!
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    that's great
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    Gz! Care to share a picture?
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    Congratulations mate 👏👏
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    Are you single? You still need to pay maintenance though... So I still pay ~ $500/month. That first include taxes and I don't want to rent and doubt anyone wants to share with me.

    I get the bedroom, they get the living/dining room but well usually it's pretty messy... And also sorta where I put boxes and bags and anything else I think I'll need later....

    But yes guess that's the cost of freedom. Every since I moved out and love in the city, I am like a party animal compared to when I lived with my parents
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    @drdre grats!
    now - insurence, home owner taxs, AC/heater bills, and mortage to pay!

    Have fun im your new crib!
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    I surprised, given he is worth almost $1 billion, I'd have thought @drdre would have bought lots of properties by now
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    Congratulations! Big step, you must be so happy. Don't forget to inaugurate it with some cold beer >:D
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    Thank you all.
    I bought the flat/apartment with my brother. Each has our room and share living room, kitchen and bathroom.
    We paid half with our savings and half with a bank loan. Monthly it will cost us the same as renting an apartment. But in a few years that will halve once the loan is paid.
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    Perfect !
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