Is this a devRant thing?

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    UDP is a protocol for computer networks.
    I think people who use node talk about it, though I never found a UDP joke here
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    UDP is a non-acking protocol (easily said) .. TCP on the other end ensures that data is transmitted successfully by implementation. With UDP you need to implement that on your own.
    Thats why jokes don't .....
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    @tysa I don't do networks.. so that's probably why I've never heard those jokes before.. but I see them coming by all the time here on devRant
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    Very simply put there are protocols for transmitting data and one of them is UDP, while UDP is fast it doesn't guarantee your data will arrive to its destination, that's why people make jokes such as

    I heard a UDP joke but I didn't get it.

    You get it?
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    @tysa not sure if this was a UDP joke or not haha
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    @BoyBiscuit I didn't get it

    But I get it
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    @gmakkinga hahahaha the mind fuck is real
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    It should be:

    I told a UDP joke to someone else, but I don't know if they got it
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    @BoyBiscuit if it was, it was a good one because I didn't get it 😝
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    @codeclod that depends if your friends are the transmitter then you don't receive where as if you are the transmitter then they don't get it
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    @BoyBiscuit if you are the receiver and you heard a UDP joke, the implication is you got it, which ruins the joke. The way I phrased it, it plays more on the differences between UDP and TCP
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    @codeclod I suppose it depends on how you infer this hypothetical conversation takes place. You could either argue that since you have heard the joke you received 50% of the packets and the other 50% you didn't 'get' or your way, either way they make awful jokes ;)
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    I guess when you need to discuss the joke and explain the joke, the joke is not...
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    @codeclod hehe I got that one.
    never thought I'll grow up to be such a nerd 🤓
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    @gmakkinga oh.. well I too just started learning this at college this semester.
    never thought I would be talking about this topic on devrant!
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    @codeclod is right, end of discussion ;)
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