Well... I feel insanely stupid because I've been using windows for years an just realised that the file system isn't case sensitive... Mother fuckers...

(Yes judge me, I am a twat)

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    NTFS supports case sensitive pathing, but not by default. You can turn it on if you want. https://howtogeek.com/354220/...
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    you mean... Twat.
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    Been caught out by that before! Historically build (under Linux) on a samba share, put source onto local drive to see how much of a speed improvement there was and had lots of include paths to fix as a result
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    @bkwilliams lol why would you do that besides from playing fools on your admin colleagues 😂
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    Don't feel too bad. I only recently realised that Colonel Tom Parker (Elvis' manager) and Colonel Sanders (chicken torturer) are two completely different people. Now that is professional level twattery.
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    @krz1 enable case sensitive pathing? Probably the same reason it is enabled for Linux and other systems.

    data.json -> lower case data
    Data.json -> Proper Case Data
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    Don't feel bad man. I just realized (thanks to your rant) that Windows has a filesystem.
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