Should I monetize?
I've created a spot-it like playing card generators online utility. There're around 800 users generating around 800 decks every month currently. I'm just wondering if I should think about placing advertisements on the app. I'm not completely in favor of monetization as they bother user experience, but it can give me some extra bucks to create more applications like this.

What do you say? Should I go for advertisements? How much can I earn from it?


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    Ads don't earn very much.
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    Don’t have ads, find a subscription or premium model that you could use instead, you will end up being like every other ad junky shitwrek and realise the lack of revenue being generated and spam the shit out of your users with never ending ads.
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    @davenall it seems to be the way of the world now.

    Rather then having a product you can sell, or in this case just a “buy me a beer” model would probably work, it’s just an ad mining field.

    I hate how lazy people have become to make a quick few cents.
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    Sell customized decks. Maybe they can input their family name or something on the deck. You print it and mail it to them and keep a profit. Grow your base, create a similar unique card game, sell that too, keep growing your base, get funding go national even international with the game. Enjoy your money.
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    Thanks @all . As all of you and I think, I've decided not to monetize. :)
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    You could a donate link and put it at the bottom of your page.

    If people like using your app, they'll find it.
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