WHAT THE FUCK???? UX level: 9000

I do like dark themes in many places. But IMO this is just too much

And the font..? Is this registration for witch-hunt or satanists' party?

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    Feels like a wannabe hacker’s first website or something.
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    For some reason the font reminds me of "bloodrayne" :) Definitely not anything devops-related.
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    At first I thought their website was down when I tried typing the url into my laptop. Turns out their domain does not redirect to their www. subdomain where the site is hosted.

    I don't think they're doing this devops thing right.
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    Those kinds of shitty fonts is why I recently enforced the use of my own preferred font Monofur on my newly built laptop (which btw runs Arch.. in case you didn't know yet :v). Monospace should really be kept to the places where it's actually necessary, like the console and things like that.
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    It's not even a good stupid font!
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    @Condor which btw runs Arsch. Jk
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- but did you know that I'm using Arsch L in Ox? :v
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    @Condor had to figure out what you meant by it lol.
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    @Condor btw. can you tell @Floydian to unblock me on discord?
    He did not recognize me and blocked me haha.
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    i actually kind of like the design and font

    *slowly backs out of room*
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- sure, what's his username there? I don't think that I've added him on Discord yet.
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    @Condor Floydian#9547
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- and your username? I should've asked that in my previous comment perhaps.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- I haven't been able to send him a message on Discord (something about not being able to send while request is pending) but I've sent him an email and linked to this rant. Hopefully that'll do 🙂

    Btw isn't @Floydian still registered here? If not I wouldn't be able to wish him good night anymore 😞

    /Edit: yay, he's still around 😁 good night @Floydian!!
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    @Condor thanks for your effort :)
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    I fucking love it.
    It's awesome
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    What the hell is this crap?
    Script kiddy level 9001 🤮
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