How do you handle narcissist managers?

Who look at you not as human beeing but as a thing to exploit for personal gain? Sure there's the business side (capitalism) but the human side of it bothers me.

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    Pledge to help them despite their stupidness, but
    stand your ground, calmly and consistently.

    that's the IT formula for narcissists

    I know, because I am one. But I'm also a programmer, so... yeah... arguments with myself get interesting.
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    That isn't narcissist, but sociopath. Not that uncommon among successful management.

    Pretty sure you can't change his way of seeing others, but you can of course change how he deals with you. You would have to elaborate on issue you are having in order to get meaningful help.
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    You can not change a narcissist. You can not even get them to recognise what they are doing. They are permanently fucked. You should put as much distance between them and you as possible.
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    human being*
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    you quit. Life is short. There is something to be said for dealing with difficult projects and difficult people, but don't work for assholes.

    It may seem manageable now, but trust me, it doesn't ever improve, it only gets worse, slowly and surely.
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