Chat apps. What's the idea? Those are basically tools of violence. They give you a possibility to in real-time stop someones work and start demanding service. Now. Immediately.

Usually people send you first email and then they after 10 seconds chat "did you see my email?? read it! serve it! please me!" Usually it's just a small request to document something, review someone else's document. Do it ASAP. If you were coding something, then drop it and do someones job for them instead.

You got a request for me to create some verification case list? Put it into my backlog. I might start doing that in week or two. Or month. In case there's nothing else more important. Since I know that you are working with something that you think is the whole universe, but trust me, I got my own problems already.

But hey, if I don't reply to your chat in a minute, please feel free to walk behind me and start explaining your life. No need to wait even for me to get my headphones off. "Oh you are in conf call? Well, this is just a quick thing blaa blaa..."

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    Totally agree with this, man. Any concentration or deep work flies out of the window the second a notification bleeps. It got so bad for me at one point that every time I heard that bleep I had a Pavlovian response to it and was instantly feeling angry and overwhelmed. There is something fundamentally terrible about instant communication in an environment that requires long bouts of concentrated effort.
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    Reminds me of my telephone, always got the answerphone on.

    Or the doorbell, which has an off button, I only turn it on when I'm expecting someone !

    I am reminded though, that some emails in my pending tray, have been there so many years, the person I was going to reply to has since died..

    Well, you've got to prioritise, or you never get anything important done !
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    They send you an email. If you don't reply in 2 minutes, they'll chat you. If chat doesn't get through immediately, call the guy with phone. If he doesen't answer, go to his home office peep through the windows. If the guy is still hiding, suck yourself through the mail slot. Finally find the guy from a dark closet and go "ah there you are !!! hey I sent you this email, did you read it??!!"
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