Yesterday I tried to install virtualbox to be able to run gitlab-runner with a Docker executor locally. I completely fucked up. After a reboot, I'm not able to run GDM/gnome/cinnamon(segfault), so I have to run Xorg as root without any window manager, and it sucks. I have to work all day with this shitty config.

Fuck myself, Fuck Arch, I'm switching to manjaro

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    Switching from Arch to Arch 🤷‍♂️
    Also, check out Antergos, it's like Manjaro but better imo.
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    'fuck arch, im switching to manjaro'

    I'm gonna frame this and hang it on a wall
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    @ruhe @olback The only thing that I do not like about Arch is that it is not stable
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    @ZwoRmi I really don't want to shatter your dreams.. but please visit manjaro.org and read the first few lines
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    @ruhe The fact that Manjaro us Arch based? I know that, maybe my english is so bad that you misunderstood me
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    I meant 'Fuck pure Arch'
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    @ZwoRmi yeah, that makes a lot more sense. It's the same reason I use manjaro aswell
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