I'm starting to dislike the targeted news articles at the bottom of a new tab on chrome lol

I went to check my grades, saw the title of an article that seemed really interesting, so i read it. By the time I finished it, I thought of a friend who'd like to read it. So I sent him the link.

15 minutes go by and I mutter "fuck" as I remember I never checked my grades, the whole reason I even opened chrome lol

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    @Kimmax They're good but a bit overrated.

    It'll likely be Saints and Chiefs lol
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    @Stuxnet Dez Bryant is gonna drop every single throw by Brees.
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    @KAS89 Lmao trueee

    I'm a Panthers fan, so fuck the Saints. But my friends and I don't understand why they're hyping up this signing. The dudes not good anymore. He already peaked 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
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    @Stuxnet ha ha ya. Sean Payton is stupid. I don't like Cowboys at all as a Giants fan. The only player I like in Cowboys is Sean Lee.
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    @KAS89 I respect Sean but I don't like when they try and say he's the same tier as Keuchly and Wagner.

    Being a Giants fan is rough, but I know you're pain. We've never put up back to back winning records, so there's that lol.
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    @Stuxnet hhmm ya. It is what it is. I feel bad about OBJ and Saquon because they could be in a wining team.
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    @KAS89 I'd blame Eli but he's top 10 in completion % sooo idk.

    Still, wouldn't hurt to move on and grab a stud QB in the draft. There's gonna be some decent talent coming through this year.

    Could send Eli off to somewhere like Jax because Blake Bortles sucks. Though if San Francisco is smart, they'll send Nick Mullens (provided he keeps up to the hype from last week) to Jax for some picks. Idk man, idk.

    I really wish I could have a career in sports analysis. I can talk about this for hours. And watching film for hours? 😍😍 It's literally the only thing I like to more than I like screw around with computers.
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    @KAS89 I'm probably horrible for laughing at it, but Dez reportedly tore his Achilles today in practice
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    @Stuxnet wtf? He planned it for sure. This guy man.....
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    @KAS89 Pulled a Brock Osweiler or Sam Bradford lol.

    Signs a contract then dips out. Bradford got $15 million to play a few games this season 😬😬
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    @Stuxnet ya he knew he ain't got no talent.
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