It's sad that there's always a market, especially for what should be absolutely top priority to be kept private.

btw: sorry to OCDs, it is indeed not centered, my mail client zoomed in a little so that happened itself

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    You could get free karma on /r/ABoringDystopia or /r/LateStageCapitalism with that :o

    PS: Pretty thankful that vote here is anonymous.
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    @Jilano well, not an avid redditor though haha
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    Why is that stuff public to begin with? Especially in the US with its enmity between conservatives and libertarians, I can't see how that's a good idea. Belgium's political system isn't good by any means (I mean, we've got 7 governments, wtf), but at least voter information is considered private by default. Not that it really matters anyway since Belgium's political system is much more nuanced, but still. Privacy should never be at a premium. But the American way of doing things (with capitalizing on everything being the norm apparently) is probably very different than what I'd do or consider ethical.
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    @Condor If I had to guess, I’d say it’s an accountability and transparency measure. If votes are simply anonymously tallied and burned, the number is what someone says it is, and the only way to verify it is to hold a new election and have an outside party do the counting this time (which isn’t always feasible, much less duplicatable). Either side taking 100% of the vote in any district is suspicious (assuming a competitive race and at least two choices).

    By being able to look up who voted what, individual voters can validate that their vote was recorded properly. Likewise, by making the records available, outside agencies can verify the count, validate the legitimacy of the ballots (e.g., was it submitted by Bill the Cat, Optimus Prime, or Mickey Mouse?) and the method used to count them.

    It’s not perfect, but especially in a system as polarized as things are getting here, being able to validate results is of paramount importance.
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    @Kaji wait what? You can see who voted for what? Wtf!! I thought voter information was like address and name, used to register at the voting place.
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    Took a really quick look at deleteMe, and it seems like it’s a great idea for erasing some of the data that you left when you were less conscious about your privacy
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    @Condor Correction:

    The political spectrum is:
    Liberal <<<--- Democrat <- Libertarian -> Conservative

    To be clear, libertarians are centrists.

    Liberals are so far left that there isn't anything comparable on the right except maybe a handful of hate groups, e.g. neonazis.
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    @Root I already thought that I was missing something... Thanks for explaining! :)
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