I want a want Desktop and a decent gfx card for video processing/ml/etc, not for gaming and also a good CPU.

I'm kinda leaning for an i7 but the specs r like 4ghz, my current laptop is 2ghz I think. Old.

I can't decide which to buy and if Ryzen is good enough or which GTX card. I don't think I need to have 1080?


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    Lol Bill Gates wants a desktop, what happened to your 100 million core cluster chilled by the aquarium in your palace Billy? Did you get BSOD as well :P
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    If you are building your PC then I would suggest ryzen 7 2700x. If you want to go with Intel then i7 8700k is the best valued one right now. 2700x is better than 8700k in everything except gaming. For ml the bare minimum you need is gtx 1060. Unless you are a hardcore competitive gamer, go for any ryzen processor instead of the similar Intel one. Gtx 1070ti + ryzen 7 would be the best combo and also future proof without being overkill.
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    I'd suggest a GTX 1070 Ti, but if you're on a budget, the 1050 Ti offers amazing service for the price.
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    @HarleyQuinn Remember to pick card with 6GB of memory if you do ML and image or video processing
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    And one more thing, get at least twice the amount of GPU memory in RAM
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