I just started learning it, but SQL is really cool šŸ˜Ž

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    It's pretty interesting. Ive learned some of the VERY basic basics and it's neat what it can do
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    @Stuxnet long before I got Into coding I fell in love with excel, I feel like I just got into the Big Kids Club šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
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    Just imagine the excitement you'll feel when you trash your first production database šŸ˜ It's the office version of skydiving.
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    SQL is amazing šŸ˜Š
    It's so ridiculously useful, and I love how it reads like english. (Which is one of the reasons I love Ruby)

    I started writing something like it on my own for an MMO where developers could query realtime data such as the number of players in a map who are wearing a guild tag, with equipment level > x, who had completed z quest. It was fun! And useful, too.
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    @Root hmm maybe I’ll look into ruby!

    That’s a dope project!
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    @linuxxx nerd bullying nerds
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    @linuxxx @mundo03 I keep feeling self conscious at school cause I’m used to being the biggest nerd in the room, but then I realize I’m doing CS, im probably the LEAST nerdy kid in the room šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
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    It's very interesting how different people are. I myself absolutely hate all PL/SQL languages including the corresponding databases
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    Sql is useful. Sql is necessary. But I wouldn't call it cool. As a C#-developer, I find it much easier to write complex logic in linq, as the sql equivalent is often very verbose.
    If we could bridge the performance gap, in a .net world, we wouldn't need sql at all.
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    SQL is pain. I wish someone would create a language that's easier to use already.

    It's freaking verbose, unforgiving, and not even properly standardized (each DB has its own dialect).

    It's a mean to an end, but I wish we had more modern choices, even if that means a performance hit.
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    @baeovvulf I recently decided to pick up SQL after a long stubborn cult-like devotion to NoSQL and, oh boy, was I missing out!!
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    @Fradow delete from users where name = 'fradow'
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    I was going to say something mean then realized I'm no on SO
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    Its a motherfucking must... if you cant query a fucking database you should chop your dick off.. and I'm not talking about fucking "Give me a list of users" I'm talking about "List all users with birthdate within the next sixty seconds, without living parents, in a 5 miles radius, roman catholic, white" and fucking pivot the fucking thing...

    Thats the way... OG
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