Achievement get: heap overflow in JavaScript!

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    1. Get used to it!
    2. Wrong app, mate 😬

    edit: wait wtf is that a heap overflow
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    @ihatecomputers RAM/ Memory has two main methods of storage: the stack, and the heap.

    In many instances, both have limited sizes.

    Basically heap is for dynamic memory allocation whereas stack is for static allocation.

    Heap overflow is *pretty much* the same thing as stack overflow.

    Both are weird to happen in JavaScript.
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    @AlgoRythm Yeah I just never seen a heap overflow before, blowing the stack happens sometimes for me tho
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    Did you import the entire database to a global array or something? Or forget that delicate "use strict" tag?

    Jokes aside, Wtf, JS is supposed to be good about not doing this kinda shit. What the hell are you building/dealing with? Does it have like a million dom element changes or something?
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    Memory leaks can happen all the time, no matter the language. Stack overflow happens mostly due to misuse of recursion, heap (or general OOM) due to memory leaks.
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    Looks like you struck gold.
    1. Find 0-day bug - done.
    In progress:
    2. Write exploit
    3. ??
    4. Profit.
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    @Ghosty It's not heap buffer overflow. Its just OOM error.
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    Wait if the stack is for static shit why does it overflow?!
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    @Gregozor2121 Limited size. Best example is statically storing a large image on the stack. Some compilers may only give a couple megabytes for the stack, and a large image will easily overflow it.
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