Achievement get: heap overflow in JavaScript!

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    1. Get used to it!
    2. Wrong app, mate 😬

    edit: wait wtf is that a heap overflow
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    @ihatecomputers RAM/ Memory has two main methods of storage: the stack, and the heap.

    In many instances, both have limited sizes.

    Basically heap is for dynamic memory allocation whereas stack is for static allocation.

    Heap overflow is *pretty much* the same thing as stack overflow.

    Both are weird to happen in JavaScript.
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    @AlgoRythm Yeah I just never seen a heap overflow before, blowing the stack happens sometimes for me tho
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    Memory leaks can happen all the time, no matter the language. Stack overflow happens mostly due to misuse of recursion, heap (or general OOM) due to memory leaks.
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    Looks like you struck gold.
    1. Find 0-day bug - done.
    In progress:
    2. Write exploit
    3. ??
    4. Profit.
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    @Ghosty It's not heap buffer overflow. Its just OOM error.
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    Wait if the stack is for static shit why does it overflow?!
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    @Gregozor2121 Limited size. Best example is statically storing a large image on the stack. Some compilers may only give a couple megabytes for the stack, and a large image will easily overflow it.
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