Hey... to somebody reading this, most likely.

The problem, is that you put if($var = 'something')
You need ==, not =.
Php doesn't tell you that though. It'll just change the var to 'something'

That's why you're getting that really obscure, doesn't make any sense error.

You're welcome.

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    It's a child's mistake. Put constant first and php will tell you you've fucked up.
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    Fun fact, what @irene is suggesting is a standard technique sometimes called Yoda notation or Yoda conditionals (because it's like Yoda's often-inverted grammar). Useful.
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    Same is with js and python when you want to send a function as argument and put the () behind them. It will just execute instead of pass through. Gave me plenty of headaches.
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    @RememberMe @irene I just googled that... I never knew about this.
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    Same with this..

    && $weNeedThis = 'yo'
    ) // weneedthis: "yo"

    $weNeedThis = 'yo'
    && $someCheckVar
    ) // weneedthis: true
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    Use IDE. 😆
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    In C, you can do the same, but any decent C compiler will display a warning.
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    $var = 5..

    If you want it to be 7, you have to use = 7, not = 5.

    Php doesn’t tell you that..

    You’re welcome 😂
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    So cute
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