What is the cheapest and closest to "decent" cloud computing provider you've come across? I'm currently using scaleway ARMs -- all thanks to someone posting scaleway's name and comparing server prices to a cup of morning coffee :) . It's OK, really can't complain (although it's somewhat silly to sync ssh keys on-boot only IMO). Is there anything cheaper with no less quality?

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    I've heard of Hetzner, haven't used it yet though. They have similar pricing to Scaleway and due to the requirement of verification with your ID, unscrupulous people tend to avoid it. In other words, their IP reputation in RBL and other blacklists should be good.
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    Hostmaze and contabo for vps's, servdiscount and oneprovider for dedicated servers!
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    @Condor I went through with the ordering process until the id check, I'm not giving a random company a copy of my id :)
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    @linuxxx Privacy-wise it's a bit of an issue yes.. But I guess that it's just the easiest way to keep the unscrupulous users out without driving up the cost too much ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @Condor Oh it's me not that much about the privacy part you describe, what if they get hacked and those copies appear online? Identity theft waiting to happen I think.
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    @linuxxx hmm, good point 🤔
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