I guess all of you know udemy.
Can anyone tell me whether HR actually gives any shit about "I finished an udemy class"-certificates?
I like udemy. To get into a new language or something like that it's pretty cool (if you are ok with paying for things you can find on google, too). But somehow i don't trust their certificates. Do they make you look like a fool if you put them in your cv? Or is it a prove of "see how engaged I am"?

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    Depends, in my interview I mentioned that I frequently use udemy and that I can provide the certificates if they want to see them and they seemed very positive about that (I never had to show the certs to them but I got the job)
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    My company is giving me free Udemy Business account, so I think saying that you use Udemy would be a good idea.
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    @notlikethis thank you! I think I can work with that :P
    I keep doing udemy classes anyway. But it seems like it is not a fault to tell potentially employers that I do it. Nice.

    Love the community everyday 0b1 more :)
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    I use udemy because some of the content creators over there make good material.
    But I don't trust the company itself. How can you trust them when they use that dumb marketing trick of 'this course cost $200, but it's on sale for $10'?
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