I always thought Android studio is worst until I used XCode

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    Xcode is actually pretty good if you know how to use it 'right'. It is fast and well designed but lacks some good gadgets
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    Fuck yes, I hate Xcode. I hate its debugger, I hate its sluggish UI, I hate its interface builder.

    Sadly, I'm working on iOS apps right now so I must use Xcode every day, basically.
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    Been using Xcode since before the turn of the century. Team’s arrogant approach has not changed... sloppy inconsistent human interface combined with bugs, but they know better than you!
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    I couldn't tell, never managed to look at XCode for more than 2 seconds before it crashing...
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    @wholl0p that's what apple would say
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    @dontbeevil okay cool and now?
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    @wholl0p nothing, that's it
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    Since I am an iOS and Android developer, I really don't know if I hate Android Studio more or Xcode.
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    @wholl0p I’d suggest it has too many gadgets and ignores the base utility concepts... inconsistent with Apple’s design philosophy and other Apple product feature implementation.

    It’s as if the people on the Xcode team were all from some other company like Microsoft or NeXT and never really understood the Mac user experience.

    It’s as if they think that just because the interface *looks* like Mac interface elements it is Mac software. On the Mac is is “look and feel” not just look.

    If you put an evening gown and lipstick on a monkey, it’s still a monkey and I ain’t kissing it.
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    @xcodesucks May be true but it has satisfied my experience and needs ever since. Visual Studio for example is a complete mess and totally overloaded with unnecessary features...
    EDIT: But sure I'm glad that I don't use Xcode anymore
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    @wholl0p how exactly vs is a mess? Maybe it's overloaded for you, but think that you can develop stuff for so many platforms, services, languages, frameworks, architectures for latest 20 years
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    @xcodesucks if it was from ms and vs teams, at least would have been a good ide 🙂
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    @dontbeevil I went with Apple tech because I could not stand the lack of discipline and inconsistencies in Windows user experiences. On Windows your only partially consistent experience is in Microsoft software. Otherwise it is a free for all.

    But if visual studio is anything like that button-whore called MS Word, eh, not inclined.
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