What Are Booleans In Python Please Explain With Ease And In Detail ?

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    boolean are simply yes or no expressed in True and False. What's hard about that? I mean, what are you asking specifically
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    For example in Python IDLE or Terminal, you can type :

    >>> my_age=19
    >>> my_age is 19
    >>> my_age is 18
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    Are you serious?
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    Or maybe
    >>> has_driving_licence = True
    >>> if (has_driving_licence is True):
    . . . print("can drive")
    . . . else:
    . . . print("can't drive")
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    @Zlytherin exactly, especially he asked about it in *Python*. Like huh?!
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    @wowotek are you serious too?

    if(has_driving_licence is True)


    As far as I can remember that you was once a teacher in a programming class. But look here!
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    @Zlytherin it explain with *Ease*

    I know you can do it straight

    I hate to explain it that way tho
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    @Zlytherin i am actually teaching my student this way at first, after first practice i tell them the more efficient way. It depends on the audience tho.

    I am impressed you remember me as a teacher 😂
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    @wowotek by the way I don't think that any developer can forget that "sudo hug me" thing...
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    @Zlytherin that's not me ! 😂😂 omg i am blushed
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    Same as booleans in any other language
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