about 2 weeks ago my mom's friend's family visit our house. one moment they introduce their brilliant son going to take Computer Science Major, and they didn't understand why, and apparently they are some kind of ignorant family. So my role here are to advertise and promote the world of CS (since i know their son are good at programming). one moment i am diving to deep into my own speech, i am like :

"I believe you guys using facebook, and Whatsapp all the time **give a smirk and sarcastic look* (which they actually did), that is our work there. and maybe you (my mom's friend) love to play candy crush with my mom, yes that is also our work, and we got a lot of money from you buying the candy to unlock the hard level (the microtransaction thing) MUAHAHAHAHA !" ---

and yes i am laughing like a monster in a film. and suddenly that becoming the most awkward thing i ever had.

and i don't know should i feel bad or not introducing CS like that.

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    @irene did i ? 😅
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    @wowotek You explained it the way that I feel like a fair amount of people here would. I personally have explained it in a similar way before, but I "fail" to mention that we have all their money from microtransactions.

    On a side note, I personally believe that microtransactions need to fucking die.
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    @infernalempress i know, but my statements directly implies that they can't be always ignorant about technology yet they are eaten by it withdrawing all of their money.
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