As a professional googler (who has recently included the skill on his resume too), I wanna ask you all, what googling tips and advices you got you wished others that you're working with knew?
I'll start with one simple and clear one myself:
Start with a wide search, then narrow it down with including and specially excluding keywords. don't start too specific as you might not be familiar with the language of the subject and the way it's addressed.

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    Use ‘-‘ for your search results to exclude a specific word.

    For example, when you Google something and all you get is explanations for a framework while you don’t use a framework, you could ‘-thatframework’.
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    My hint:

    Learn to love the negation operator (-). It’s the single most powerful tool you have for getting garbage and ambiguity out of your search results.

    Say you want to search for windows, but are not interested in a certain Microsoft product:

    ‘Windows -microsoft -software’

    Or Say you’re interested in vape hardware but aren’t interested in drugs:

    ‘Vape pen -thc -cbd’

    This also works on top level domain names. Say you want to find non-US-government sources for a thing


    The possibilities are endless.
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    @Karunamon @xalys exactly that's one of the top shelf google tips I have for anyone to exclude unwanted results with '-' . keywords, domains, websites, etc you can dodge unwanted material and narrow it down to what you desire.
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    Or just.. Take a minute to think careful about words

    Words only what you want could have

    I've known of - for twenty years, never had the need to use it..maybe I'm missing something
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    @rant1ng adding to that, I want to say you have to be a little persistent with your search. you probably don't know the best words in your first search query, as you continue and see results and refine your search you come up with better keywords.
    and you seem good on your feet, but you just can't go wrong with the '-'. having more tools will get u better results for sure.
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    @koorosh-m I'll probably use it this week now that it's on my mind

    And you're right about adding new words with subsequent searches
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    The quotation marks help.
    And aren't Google employees called Googler 😅 ?
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    @ceee huh, didn't think of that. then what are we when we use google? googleee?
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    @koorosh-m goglee is the one who is googled. I think you should stick to "searcher" or "search user" to make it sound less awkward.

    Regarding your question for the tips - query for a file type and query for a result in a single domain.
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