Stereotypical Indonesian CS Lecturers :

"This is the code *showing slides containing a Java code*, write it on your IDE and run it"

*waiting for explanation*
"Good, blablabla *doesn't explain a single line of code, and keep reading the slides* understand?"

Fucking cunt! I fuckinf mad because not everybody as lucky as me being a self-thought dev, or atleast you can't expect everybody as smart as you!

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    The same thing happens in Portugal. It works? Cool, let's move on.

    From my experience, when you ask the teacher to explain something, they explain it the first time/the first few times, so you have to keep asking.

    If you can, try and make a mistake that not everyone will notice right away. Teachers will explain if it's giving you an error, the problem is sometimes they only explain to the person that is getting the error, so it might not help your classmates.

    Try it once, see what happens. If the teacher explains it to everyone keep doing it, if not maybe tell your classmates to do this, if enough people make a mistake the teacher will think "it's easier if I just explain it to everyone". The downside is you might have to do this everytime.
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    @cantthinkofone Exactly, exactly exactly! Ikr. I don't know either they are lazy as a lecturer or don't have enough knowledge.
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    @wowotek last year, some of my teachers would do this because they though we had already talked about this with other teachers, but they still have to talk about it so they didn't explain anything. It was only after we told them we had never talked about it that they started explaining.

    Most students, if they have to talk about something twice, they'll lose interest, so teachers avoid doing this.

    I don't know your situation, but I've seen this happen a lot in the past 2/3 years. Try mentioning to the teacher that you never talked about it in any class (maybe while you're pretending to get an error, say "I don't know what I'm doing, we never learned this before")
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    Same thing happens here 🤣.
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    @ceee welcome to disappointment :D
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