Android, the development side.

First it was cool to put stuff together and then i wanted to actually use the phone hardware and realized that the api is terrible and abstracted away in the worst way possible.

Like every java dev would make something like new Camera().photo("penis.jpg") and let the gc take care of the rest but nooooooooo you need persisted objects and datastreams and special permission checks.

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    just admit it you simply suck at android, it requires high skill to code quality android apps, try coding them in some other non native language and see how far u get
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    I can't wait to see the things you say once yiu see the fuckery that is using the NDK.

    Do something with opencv and Android. Plz do it for me. I want to have someone to bitch about this with
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    @AleCx04 ndk? You mean east germany after the war? (:
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    My favorite one ia viewPager.Adapter.
    You should always override getItem(position) to return a new instance.
    But to get an existing instance of fragment you shoud use the instantiateItem(viewGroup, position) method.

    Its filled with stuff that make no sense.
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