Obviously an error that the application caused, and not something artificially induced by Microsoft not liking the fact that I don't have their Photos as default (which actually I do. IrfanView may have left some extensions to itself but so fucking what Microshit?!)

Freedom of choice when it comes to opening stuff with the application you like? In Windows 10, it seems to be non-existent.

Lest we forget that there is such a thing as privacy and freedom of choice.

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    Cant wait to see how my browser was "reset" to edge 😃
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    It does it when it cannot open the default app. For me it sometimes happens when I update an application.
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    This happens everytime an App tries to rebind a default-app setting in the "old fashioned way". Eg. irfanview update/installation binds picture extensions (.jpg,...) to itself using a regkey or the old windows api. It should use the new (since Windows 8 i think) api, which opens the same window you get trying to set firefox as default. Its an annoying new way of setting default apps, but its supposed to be more secure, as apps now cant do it without the user knowing about it.
    Hope i could clarify, please dont hate me for doing windows support.
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    Weirdly, my Windows has decided to forget several file associations. I used to use Photos (it’s fine), but now every time I open a photo Windows opens the application selection dialogue.
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    @flimmy Thanks for the explanation! That does indeed make a lot of sense. Quite interesting that Microsoft discarded support for the "legacy" regkeys though, given that they're so obsessed with backwards compatibility. Not sure what to think about that...
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    @flimmy ah, good to know, I always assumed it was because it was unavailable for a while.
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    @620hun i noticed a similar behavior in the last few months in outlook, which most of the people here use. Everytime you click on a link it asks which browser to use, and clicking "remember this" ("or dont ask again", not sure which one it is) doesnt seem to do anything. Default browser is Firefox and every other app opens links with firefox, but outlook keeps asking.
    As this only happens to some users and not all (on the same update version), i cant seem to find the cause of it.
    If anyone has an idea on how to fix this, dont hold back.
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    For file associations this might of interest.


    Also this:

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    @arcadesdude thanks for the links, looks promising :) . Will try it later and report back if it worked for me.
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    @flimmy I will never hate people for telling the truth, even if it's unpleasant. 😊 Anyone who does has serious issues and should be ashamed.
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